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Following is a graphic representation of the genetic differences between 42 population groups.  This data is from The History and Geography of Human Genes by Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi and  Piazza. Gypsies, Jews, Samaritans and a few other population groups have not been considered because of their complex histories, but research is progressing on their racial make-ups.  Also note that there are four major races, not three, and that northeastern Asians are closer genetically to Caucasians than they are to southeast Asians.  We unfortunately tend to lump all Asians together, but they are genetically very different. Northeast Asians tend to have superior intelligence, given that they survived the Wurm glaciation about 10,000 years ago, similar to northwest Caucasians or Aryans.  Below the following figure descriptions of some of the cryptic racial categories as used by Cavalli-Sforza. Also note that if you are interested in Caucasians, they are again broken down into 26 racial groups (See the above book).  Theoretically, racial groups can be broken down all the way to the individual (except for identical twins) to make up about 6 billion racial groups.  See Jensen, chapter 12 at this web site for an explanation of racial groups and what they mean.

Mongul: Nomadic people of Mongolia.
Tibetan: People of Tibet.
Eskimo: Peoples inhabiting the Arctic coastal regions of North America, Geenland and northeast Siberia.
Na-Dene:  North American Indian language.
Uralic: Language family that comprises the Finno-Uric and Samoyedic subfamilies [named after the Ural mountains].
North Turkic: Turkey.
Ainu: A separate indigenous people that live in Japan.
South Dravidian: A language spoken by peoples in southern India and northern Sri Lanka.
Chukchi: Northeast Siberia
Lapp: Nomadic herding people in northern Scandinavian countries.
Basque: A people inhabiting north central Spain (said to be the most homogeneous racial group found by Cavalli-Sforza).
Sardinian: Sardinia, an island of Italy.
Thai: A people of Thailand.
Polynesian:   A division of Oceania including scattered islands of the central and southern Pacific Ocean roughly between New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island.
Melanesian:  Islands northeast of Australia and south of the equator. 
Khmer:   A people of Cambodia.
Micronesian:  A division of Oceania in the western Pacific Ocean comprising islands east of the Philippines and north of the equator.
Malaysian: Southern Malay Peninsula and the northern part of the island of Borneo.
Berber: North Africa.
San: Nomadic hunting people of southwest Africa.
Mbuti:  African pygmies. 
Bantu:  linguistically related central and southern Africans.
Nilo-Saharan:  linguistically related sub-Saharan Africans from Nigeria to Kenya.